Regex filtering issue

Hi Karl, it looks like the regex filter is now filtering on text contained in either the “Host” or “Path”. Ideally, it should filter on both/the entire URL. If I enter “/((?!client).)*$” into the filter field, you can see from the below screenshots it incorrectly filters out 1 network call, instead of 5.

There 14 network calls in total in my Charles Proxy session

All 14 network calls

There are 5 networks calls containing the word “client”

5 calls containing the word "client".png

When I filter with “/((?!client).)*$” I am returned 13 network calls instead of 9. There are 4 calls (highlighted in red), which should be filtered out but are not.

Filtering with "client".png

The first network call is the only one that gets filtered out. It’s Host value contains the word “client” and it doesn’t have a Path value

1 filtered out.png


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