Creativity – The difference between Testers and Checkers

To test is to think creatively.

Working in agile environments, rather than more traditional ones, demand much more of their testers. Testers need to balance their innate bias for quality with the need for shipping working software to customers asap. Testers need to adapt to this changing environment, and fast!

Testers need to be creative, not artistic

For me, creativity simply means problem-solving. Even though the words “artistic” and “creative” are used interchangeably by most, they have different, although related meanings. Being artistic is a gift the lucky few are blessed with. Being creative is something you choose to be. It’s the way you choose to view problems. It’s the lens you see the world through. For the purposes of this article, I’m going to focus on the problem solving/creativity side of things, not the artistic side. The side we all possess but most ignore. Sir Ken Robinson’s explains why and where we lost our creative way in his Ted Talk about creativity.

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